Monday, July 17, 2006

Serafina the Ballerina
Well Serafina is settling into Camp Davis. Sera has been here about a month and is doing fantastic. She is a senior that has probably had a very hard life, but she has choosen to extend her love to her human family. She hasn't lost her love to play. She love sqeaky toys and has recently decided that all toys in the house are her's. Lexi was very polite and just let her have them all. We were able to sneak Lexi's chipmunk out of the house in a bag to go to her new foster home.

Sera is responding well to cuddle time. Little by little she learning to trust. She is so appreciative of everything. She loves her breakfast and dinner time, she loves laying on the dog bed with her buddy Doreen and her foster mom. She especially loves having her back and hind end rubbed and scratched. It puts her in a trance. She is a hoot when she sneaks around gathering up her squeaky toys.

Serafina is an adorable senior with so much love to offer. It is such a joy watching her come out of her shell.

Doreen was one of the final representatives to hold out till the very end of the Itasca Fest event.
She helped close down the tent.
It was a very, very hot day, but after being on the mountain I think she is conditioned to it.
She did a fantastic job greeting people and showing off as the Proud Pointer at the event.

As a matter of fact we had at least three generations at the event, Granny Serafina, Momma Doreen and adorable daughter Lexi.


All of ladies came back to Camp Davis and crashed. They slept the whole evening and were pretty quiet on Sunday. Lexi went to her new foster home, camp West, on Sunday. The ladies are missing her.

When Lexi arrived at camp Davis, Doreen was very excited to see her. It was a boat mountain reunion of Doreen, Serafina and Lexi. They were glad to see each other.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It has been a couple months since I have written. I am Doreen's foster mom, Anne.
If you have read through Doreen's blog, you would know that there was a scare that Doreen might be very sick. Hooray!! Doreen is very healthy.
All the tumors were fatty tumors and removed successfully.
Her recovery was amazing, she never needed the cone, she didn't need the pain medications.
She healed so quickly. An amazing dog who never picked at her stitches, never complained, just healed in unbelievable time.

I have officially labeled Doreen as the "Proud Pointer". When she arrived at my home she was so bashful and afraid of humans. From daily walks with our Keeshond "Keesha", Doreen has learned to socialize in the neighborhood, loves the neighborhood walks and has truly come out of her shell. She has blossomed into a beautiful, proud pointer.

She loves life, she love making me smile and being part of a family. One of her favorite times of the day is when I come home. She gets so excited, she hippity hops around, and I am the blessed receiver of an unconditional love that reaches the depth of my heart. ]

Doreen is just beginning to feel comfortable asking for things. I find her moving around as I rub and massage her, slowly communicating where she wants rubbed.

Some evenings she will come over nedge me if I am not paying attention to her. She is not persistent, she is so polite when asking for attention. I am fostering a second hobbit and Doreen watches out for Sera. She doesn't mother Sera, but she is very aware of how Sera is doing.

I have so much fun with Doreen. She makes me laugh when she hippity hops around and touches my heart with her kisses of thanks when I rub and massage her.

It is amazing how much she appreciates the simpliest attention. She is truly a couch potato in the house, but when I bring the kitty toy outside she shows all those bird dog skills she has. It makes me feel like a kid (and I am old).

The guess is that Doreen is a senior, but you certainly could not tell when she is out in the forest preserve.

I am still learning about pointers, but if Doreen is my benchmark, I am amazed.

I keep telling Lisa (IBR President), that she is the best pointer ever. Since Lisa has three of her own she tends to disagree with me, but she just lets me live in my fantasy world.

But if you ask me she is the Best of the Best.
Foster mom Anne

Hopefully within the next couple weeks Lisa will be taking us to a new dog park and we can practice off leash again. I will update the blog with our adventures.

Monday, July 10, 2006

So what do you think? Is there a home out there for Me?
I hope I get to be close to Agnes, Inez, and Gladys (Ella),...

Us old girls, we were together along time,....we didn't have much at all ,on that mountain,.... but we sure did have each other,....

Agnes, my dear friend, I will always remember you in my heart.
Who would have ever thought that our "Pack", as big as it was, would one day be divided?
I am sure glad we are near each other , ..... I would miss you most of all!

Well, I made it,.. so far so good. I sure do feel a lot better now
I never really knew how bad things really were on that mountain,until I came to Illinois!
Thank You everyone, for believing that this old Pointer Gal was worth saving,....

More bad news- Doreen most likely has mammary cancer. I examined her breasts today, and sadly found several suspicious lumps.
My last Granny Pointer foster had that and a few surgeries.
Doreen is going to the vet tomorrow and we'll go from there.
It is a messy surgery and she will have lots of drains- but I have been through it and will be happy to be her nurse maid.
Besides that surgery she will also have a
lump removed on her back leg and a dental.

She is a dear and deserves the best Golden years.
If she is 10 and we can give her 6 more years, then it will all be worth it.!
Doreen the Lioness of Pointers
I am fostering a pointer from Illinois Birddog rescue for the first time.

Doreen is her name.
She is estimated to be between 6-8 years old.
She is absolutely a wonderful dog. So full of love and life.
Her true spirit shows best when she is in her natural environment of open space. The guess is that she came out of a life of confinement and no socialization.
She is trying to quickly absorb human contact and the urban world. Doreen is shy, but I believe with lots of love, attention and time she will learn to trust humans as much as she trust the dogs from her pack. Since this is my first exposure to the Pointer breed I am absolutely amazed how athletic Doreen is.
It is so much fun to take her to the dog park (where she runs off leash) or the forest perserve (on a leash) and watch her track, run and scout.
Her tail is wagging with sheer joy all the time. She brings joy to my heart, a smile to my face and laughter to me.
I want to find a home where she can feel save, bring the joy, love and laughter she has brought to our home. She will give more than she receives