Monday, July 17, 2006

Doreen was one of the final representatives to hold out till the very end of the Itasca Fest event.
She helped close down the tent.
It was a very, very hot day, but after being on the mountain I think she is conditioned to it.
She did a fantastic job greeting people and showing off as the Proud Pointer at the event.

As a matter of fact we had at least three generations at the event, Granny Serafina, Momma Doreen and adorable daughter Lexi.


All of ladies came back to Camp Davis and crashed. They slept the whole evening and were pretty quiet on Sunday. Lexi went to her new foster home, camp West, on Sunday. The ladies are missing her.

When Lexi arrived at camp Davis, Doreen was very excited to see her. It was a boat mountain reunion of Doreen, Serafina and Lexi. They were glad to see each other.

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