Monday, July 10, 2006

Doreen the Lioness of Pointers
I am fostering a pointer from Illinois Birddog rescue for the first time.

Doreen is her name.
She is estimated to be between 6-8 years old.
She is absolutely a wonderful dog. So full of love and life.
Her true spirit shows best when she is in her natural environment of open space. The guess is that she came out of a life of confinement and no socialization.
She is trying to quickly absorb human contact and the urban world. Doreen is shy, but I believe with lots of love, attention and time she will learn to trust humans as much as she trust the dogs from her pack. Since this is my first exposure to the Pointer breed I am absolutely amazed how athletic Doreen is.
It is so much fun to take her to the dog park (where she runs off leash) or the forest perserve (on a leash) and watch her track, run and scout.
Her tail is wagging with sheer joy all the time. She brings joy to my heart, a smile to my face and laughter to me.
I want to find a home where she can feel save, bring the joy, love and laughter she has brought to our home. She will give more than she receives

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