Monday, July 17, 2006

Serafina the Ballerina
Well Serafina is settling into Camp Davis. Sera has been here about a month and is doing fantastic. She is a senior that has probably had a very hard life, but she has choosen to extend her love to her human family. She hasn't lost her love to play. She love sqeaky toys and has recently decided that all toys in the house are her's. Lexi was very polite and just let her have them all. We were able to sneak Lexi's chipmunk out of the house in a bag to go to her new foster home.

Sera is responding well to cuddle time. Little by little she learning to trust. She is so appreciative of everything. She loves her breakfast and dinner time, she loves laying on the dog bed with her buddy Doreen and her foster mom. She especially loves having her back and hind end rubbed and scratched. It puts her in a trance. She is a hoot when she sneaks around gathering up her squeaky toys.

Serafina is an adorable senior with so much love to offer. It is such a joy watching her come out of her shell.

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