Sunday, January 28, 2007

To think that almost one year ago,..the lives of these Boat Mountain Dogs was definately in question,..sometimes when it's real cold outside especially at night, I think about what it was like for these dogs,...I am sure it was quite different than I imagine ,..since they don't think quite like we do,..but still,...all they had was each other and that was it,...and for some,. they could not even bed down together at night for warmth,. as they were tied or caught in the fence,..
These dogs are amazing,...I think deep down, that is why we love them SO MUCH,..and why we grieve so hard when they are called home,...
Who could not want a companion such as these wonderful beings,...
How lucky are we???
The recent loss of Linus, and Momma Mae only prove how lucky we were to have been given the chance to know and love them, like we do all of our dogs,..of any breed.
Godspeed Momma and Linus,
We love you!
Doreen is doing fantastic.

She is healthy, probably younger than they originally estimated.

She is amazing when she is in her natural elements of the dog park or the forest perserve.

She has become such a part of the family.

She spends her quiet time in her mushroom chair.

When she is not in her chair, she is checking in with me to see if she can get her back scratched. She love rubs and back scratches.

She has come so far, she even plays with Serafina and Sandy (of course when she wants to).

She is very confident, she is happy and absolutely loving.

She is almost the perfect dog to have.
She requires so little of me and gives all the love anybody needs.